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Luxurious tail enhancements custom matched to your horse. Averaging 40" in length. Multiple sections for the most natural carriage, easy application and wear. Available in standard or custom colors.

Pricing information on the Pricing page.

See detailed picture of chestnut tail.
See detailed picture of black tail (5 sections shown).
See loop attachment.
See more loop attachments.
See nylon tail bag in use.

Weighted tails are the humane method of enhancing your horse's tail carriage. Custom weighted tail enhancements for your horse's unique needs.  Any weight, any color! Custom cast lead weights are removable and easy to use - just screw on or off to adjust. No tools required!

Pricing information on the Pricing page.

See detailed picture of flaxen weighted tail.


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Forelock enhancements custom matched to your horse. From 10" to 15" and in a variety of colors.

Priced at $25.00.

See close up of hair quality.
See detailed picture.
See 'comb' attachment.


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This is the Topsy Tool. The package includes one each large and small Topsy Tail as well as extensive diagrams, examples, ideas and tips. More product information on the T-Tail Care & Use page.

Priced at $8.00 / two per box

See detailed picture.


This revolutionary tail washing system will allow the user to deep clean, condition and/or color enhance their horse's tail anywhere, anytime without any mess.

This patent-pending design utilizes a neoprene anchoring band and custom detachable, disposable washing bags. By using this system, hair products are concentrated on the tail, cleaning the tail deeper and faster than ever before, allowing the user to save both time and money. Now it's possible to have a beautiful, healthy tail all year long with Tail Buckets™. Cold weather or limited washing facilities will never be an obstacle again.

Tail Bucket Starter Kit

Neoprene Anchoring Band + 5 Disposable Washing Bags


Tail Bucket Refills

Refills come is packs of 10 washing bags.


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