~ Custom Made Horse Tail Enhancements & More ~

I've been making tails beautiful for over a decade.

When I started I was tying in hair extensions. This is a long procedure which requires the hair strand to be tied individually to each hair on a tail that needs to be extended or expanded. This sometimes takes days to finish. While the end result is fairly permanent, it is very high maintenance. Showing off a T-Tail

As the add-on tail pieces became more popular, I received requests for more and more of them. I studied some of the current products available and decided that most didn't look like the real tail...just "horsehair on a rope" hanging from the tail. I knew there was a better way to create a more natural look.

My tail pieces are totally custom made for each horse from quality, genuine horsehair. They include multiple sections, which can be tailored to accommodate your horse's natural length, volume and color. They look like the real thing and hang like a normal horse's tail. They are easy to attach and remove, and require only the same care you would give your horse's natural tail. Plus, they are comfortable for the horse to wear.

I am now also making weighted tails, as approved by APHA.

tailsample4b.jpg (9586 bytes)

Why multiple sections? They're more comfortable for your horse to wear & carry. The smaller sections hang more naturally, follow the horse's movement more rhythmically, and attach to multiple points to distribute the weight more evenly making for a prettier, happier picture!

Best of all, a custom made tail enhancement from Terrys Tails is reasonably priced. I will also replace or repair any section that becomes damaged during normal wear. Once you've browsed this site, I am confident that you will allow me the opportunity to make your horse's tail beautiful. I truly want your horse to look good from head to TAIL.

Please help Terrys Tails n Trotters Sanctuary. Donations via Paypal to ttails@mail.com are greatly appreciated.

Used T-Tail Exchange. How can you change the color of a tail extension? The T-Tail Exhange is just the place. Consign it with me and you can easily convert it to green ($$$)!  I will accept top quality tail extensions of all brands on consignment (or in trade toward the purchase of a T-Tail). Used tails will be listed on this site for consignment and resale. Now's the time to convert that tail to cash. Contact me for more information.

Additional Products
T-Tail Bags
T-Tail Application Tool
Deluxe Hair Care Products
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Additional Services
For Any Extension or Attachment
Tail Cleaning
Tail Reconditioning
Tail Repair
Custom Dye & Coloring

More information and photos coming soon!

Wholesale Pricing Available
By request, wholesale pricing is now available to qualified tack shops and retailers. Please contact me for further information and the wholesale price list.

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